PDF | Tradução de Bruno Ribeiro. Original: DESCOLA, Philippe. ‘Beyond Nature and Culture’, Proceedings of the British Academy, volume , pp. Philippe Descola’s Beyond Nature & Culture is not a modest book. Having first appeared French in , it systematizes some of the ideas. In this first part, I will present Philippe Descola and the big lines of the his In Beyond nature and culture, Descola shows that the opposition.

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Introduction session part 1 : Beyond Nature and Culture in Southeast Asia

That regime, he claims, comes from an insistence on extending and universalizing a peculiarly Euro-American naturalism — itself an historical product of a strict separation between the cultural worlds of human beings, on the one hand, and the non-human things of nature, on the other. Want to Read saving….

Emanuela Siqueira rated it really liked it Jan 24, Twitter Facebook Youtube Tumblr. This dualistic view has produced two dominant perspectives on human-nature relations in the history of the anthropological discipline: Davey rated it really liked it Nov 07, The scientific revolution at the 17th century: What anthropology needs is to use these lessons and lay bare the reality of the human species project on this planet.

It would be rather a shame, I think, if we were to forget those reasons, in our scramble for the Big-Time. Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning.

Beyond Nature and Culture

Le Monde, on the French edition. And Alas, the fact that we are not at the end rather than at the beginning of this phase of industrialism in human history put a different slant and urgency to it that has not been so clear before. Therry Elze rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Philippe Descola has become one of the most important anthropologists working today, and Beyond Nature and Culture has been a major influence in European intellectual life since its French publication in In the society of nature published inhe describes the ecology of the Achuar forest dwellers practicing swidden farming, hunting and gathering products of the forest.


This goes way beyond mere academics. November and December 50shadesofevidence. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Certainly, we cannot predict what society will be like after the decline of anthropocentrism in any detail, but disciplines such as anthropology, history and folklore give us sufficient tools to at least envisage, in fairly clear terms, some of the possibilities. Still others are panicked by the prospect and describe it entirely in terms of negatives, for example a decline in human rights.

Beyond Nature and Culture, Descola, Lloyd, Sahlins

A consensus seems to be emerging among people in many fields from ecology to philosophy that dominance of anthropocentrism in Western culture is approaching an end, but remarkably few people have seriously tried to envision what this change would entail.

Culture—as a collective human amd, of art, language, and so forth—is often seen as essentially different from nature, which is portrayed as a collective of the nonhuman world, of plants, animals, geology, and natural forces.


But his way in is two-fold: This mechanic act as a total system in which the behavior of each element is explicable by laws. Grand rated it it was amazing Dec 30, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Overlapping cosmologies and systems of knowledge. In contrast, animism give to non-human an interiority similar to human.

To do so, however, we have to step outside our own cultural ideology. Who is Philippe Descola? Dec 10, Kelda marked it as to-finish Shelves: His research interests include neuroscience and psychiatry, urbanicity, autism, affect, and interdisciplinarity. Or something… Descola has not learned the vital lessons that even marxism cannot argue with: Among foragers, total sharing of hunted game and many other materials means that all have enough.

By thinking beyond nature and culture as a simple dichotomy, Descola offers nothing short of a fundamental reformulation by which anthropologists and philosophers can see the world afresh. Totemism same interiority, same physicality.

Beyond Nature and Culture by Philippe Descola

I agree regarding Spinosa. Christianity which defines the transcendence of man in relation to the byond world. A sense of theoretical occasion, of course, is in many ways refreshing.

The interiority refers to proprieties commonly associated with the spirit, soul or consciousness:

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