The title more or less says it all, but for some background, the Badab War has some of my favorite chapters involved in it – like the. Explore Braden Wrightstone’s board “Badab war” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Space marine, Warhammer 30k and Space wolves. Inside this book are full histories and dispositions of the nine Space Marine Chapters who played the most significant part in the Badab War’s early stages.

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best Badab war images on Pinterest | Space marine, Warhammer 30k and Space wolves

You have been warned. What’s the general opinion of the Badab War? The title more or less says it all, but for some background, the Badab War has some of my favorite chapters involved in it – like the Carcharodons and the Mantis Warriors – but I never see it talked about at all on the subreddit.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s dated and not as flashy as the new Horus Heresy stuff, which I’ll admit is super dope, but all the nonsense involved in the Badab War may have it not in everyone’s favorite light. With that being said, I wanted to ask everyone’s opinions of it! The Badab War was a great show-case of lesser known Space Marine chapters, and there needs to be more conflicts like it.

It’s particularly interesting because the intention of the Astral Claws was a noble one, and truly not that different to what occurs in Ultramar — particularly of note as of Dark Imperium where Guilliman has reinstated the Tetrarchs, Space Marines who administer regions as ultimate commanders both civil and military.

Huron’s Chapter was fleet-based and their campaigns were long and accrued a lot of attrition: Consolidating the planets and the Wardens makes sound, tactical sense. If Guilliman had been around, he probably would’ve commended Huron on his initiative. Even post-rebellion, the Corsairs are a powerful faction and a ‘safe’ hub for Chaos raiders in realspace with an excellent eye for logistics as seen in the Night Lords books. Are the Corsairs a cool Chapter?

Badab War Original Colours 2.jpg

The corsairs are pretty cool I mean Huron Blackheart is essentially a pirate with a peg leg and a parrot The Hamadrya. This, it confuses me in TTS when the Emperor of perhaps Alfabusa ignores the waar occasions where entire chapters have turned renegade or heretical.

Under the old legion model that would have barab devastating but the codex’s model minimizes nadab damage. The problem with Chapters is how ineffective they are in dealing with the real enemy. Think of it this way, every single effective, modern army always places their units under one badan. No sane military splits their military up into independent units commanded by so many commanders, if you want a reference for this, look up the paramilitaries in the Weimar Republic and the Republican Spain army.

Are you also ignoring the fact that 9 Legions were also loyal? Placing large military formations, especially the strongest arm of an army, under one unified authority is always the best choice. That is how real-life effective militaries do it key word on effective.

I think your forgetting about an important part of the 40k universe though. Corruption happens, bqdab is literally being vadab at such leadership positions by malevolent gods.


In 40k that can happen, and pretty frequently in lore. So in a universe where your big hot shot officer can suddenly go nuts at a moments notice it makes total sense to split things up more. You sacrifice effectiveness, and make sure you don’t suddenly lose your whole army to one traitor.

I think the idea is that wat space marines are no longer an army. They are now shock troops who serve as a moral boost to the IG and take out key targets. As such they are given autonomy to decide what is most important, however chapters usually defer to the most senior chapter master when wsr in tandem. See 2nd and 3rd war of Armageddon where Dante was given command of all loyalist chapters.

Legions conquered the galaxy. Stormtroopers in the German Army were shock troopers yet they functioned in an effective hierarchy within a larger formation. In a Legion, losing Marines is no matter.

The Grand Company can easily be placed in reserve or receive transfers if needed. However, if a Chapter loses the same amount, they are severely crippled and halfway to destruction. Added to the problem is that the Chapter is on its own and have to face their own problems. Legions can also use shock troopers. There are Legions that literally make use of shock tactics. Not to mention all the historical and realistic arguments against military formations that are independent of each other.

Legions didn’t conquer the galaxy. Badav large part of that needs to be attributed to the IG who were also very active at that time. Also in the Great Crusade days there were 2x the number of loyalist marines, and 0x the number of chaos marines that currently exist. It bbadab it exponentially harder to hold the galaxy. Finally the loss of marines isn’t a huge detriment even today.

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Even if one chapter takes all casualties they likely have a storage bank of progenoid glands harvested from times where the chapter wasn’t at risk and saved for just this occasion. Wr if they have no bank they can harvest new progenoid glands from their marines every 10 years.

Meaning that if they refrain from combat for 10 years they can return to their post loss size. More likely they will still fight and return to their former size after years; which is nothing in the scheme of the Imperium. Are you actually saying this?

I also like how you conveniently ignore all real-life examples of how a unified force is more effective than what is actually present in-universe. Losing Marines does not take years to rebuild.

And even IF they fill the entire scout company, not all will survive to become full Space Marines. While all this is going on, a Legion can easily assign another Grand Vadab to fill in the gap with no time wasted whatsoever. Again, this is what real-life effective militaries do. High command simply sends in another military formation. A large gap in military operations can appear in mere hours, if not minutes. I’m not preforming any mental gymnastics.

You’re just giving in to the “Space Marines are the best, no one can compare” mentality. In an empire the size of the galaxy the vast majority of the conquering bwdab defending was done by IG with the legions coming to reinforce where needed. I’m ignoring real life examples because they are completely irrelevant. None of the BL authors are experts on military tactics. They often talk about chapters single handedly taking planets which is unrealistic.


Recruitment standards can and have been lowered for the purpose of repopulating a chapter. The recruitment standards are not universal. They are different for each chapter, some using children, others teens, others young adults. Some test physical skills, others mental fortitude and loyalty, others get you to sit in a forest and catch a raven with your bare hands. Additionally, many many chapters UM, BA, SW have low to no casualty rates for training because they want everyone to become and astartes.

Finally, scout placement length is arbitrary. They can serve as a scout for 10 years and get their carapace, or 1 year, or 50 years. It can be modified with need. When the BA suffered their loss in the Arkio heresy they promoted every single scout to marine no matter how new they were.

Meanwhile, a Legion can easily just send in another Grand Company to cover a gap. A planet can badabb lost in a month, a week or a day. Not to mention the fact that other Chapters have zero obligation of covering and helping other Basab.

Legions don’t have to lower standards to cover losses. They don’t have to create a new batch of “weaker” and “softer” Marines just because they need to cover for losses. They can recruit as per usual while keeping the same effective military operations.

While a Legion can send in another Grand Company of a 1, Marines or just send in another to reinforce. No time lost, the military operations proceed as planned. Legions did conquer the galaxy. What you’re saying would be just as idiotic as me saying that Space Marines don’t defend the Imperium since IG does most of the work.

You’re somehow of the mind that Legions are always in Wa spot at the same time. Legions were spread out over the entire galaxy.

They were rarely in one place at the same time. The Wra may all be imperfect but they were not that inept. I see now why you dislike Legions. You have a horrible misconception that Legions literally move as one when the fact is, they are mostly spread out to cover the vast offensive of the Great Crusade. Off the top of my head, 35, Iron Warriors met with Perturabo and underwent decimation. But other tens of thousands off around the galaxy spread out fighting the Bdab Crusade.

That’s not entirely true.

Many chapters hold bsdab to their brother and founding chapters. It’s an honour thing which space marines hold very dear rather than a written and recorded responsibility. As far as I’m concerned the advantage to the legion formula was large numbers.

Wxr the legions are just going to spread up then they are inferior to chapters in my eyes. The reason for that is because a legion still needs to report over distance to a primarch.

A chapter meanwhile reports internally and can accomplish the same thing as a grand company of a legion. Your tone suggests that the 9 Legions remaining loyal is a point in your favour, when in fact it is not.

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