Live Content Producer AWS-G manual could void your authority to operate this . AWS-G is an audiovisual production system. aws-g – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Live Content Producer AWS-G 3. Input Source Recording. Camera 1. Camera 3. Camera 2. Projector. Internet. Streaming. Presentation Materials.

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DSK downstream key Basic downstream key operations The basic procedure for downstream keying is as follows.

Sony Anycast station AWS-G Manuals

Select [Steaming] to set it [On], and confirm. Is there a setting that needs to be changed? Adjusting the chroma key automatically Select [Auto Chroma Key], and confirm. The following screen appears. Specify the horizontal position.

Red, system, when aw-sg500 talk into the aws–g500 input audio. Chapter 1 Overview Event and presentation The current settings appear in the effect display. The color changes to the color you picked.

Saving the optimal settings beforehand eliminates the need to reconfigure settings each time you, for example, work on site or use multiple configurations for events. If subject to shock, parts replacement, consult your dealer or your vibration, static electricity, high temperature or Sony service representative. Disconnect the external hard disk from the computer, and connect it to the i. Press the 1 power button on the side panel to start up this unit.


Sony AWS-G500 Operating Instructions Manual

In the submenu, select [Reset Camera], and confirm. Closing Down To power off the unit Press the 1 power button on the side panel. When [Slider] is selected Move the sliders, or specify the color by numeric value input. Note Use a 3-pin – 2-pin conversion adaptor, if required. When the import is completed, a completion message appears.

Monitoring Audio Use the internal speakers or the connected headphones to monitor the audio input to the unit or the audio output from the unit. The video of the cue-up point appears and the screen is stopped. Changing The Transition Time Opening an existing file In the file operation section, click the [Open] button.

Select [Delete], and confirm. Determine on the next video, then repeat the procedure in step 2. Press the PVW button. The by Apple Computer, and as brightness level of black is Oscillator i.

Changing the Video With a Cut This switches the video instantaneously, aws-500 no added effects.


Adjusting The Picture-in-picture pinp Color preview Color system selection buttons Color selection method buttons Select the effect pattern.

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Caution Exporting VOD files can take time. An image with the color specified by the cursor removed appears in the PGM viewer. Ass-g500 Of Messages List of Messages If a message on this list is displayed and still appears after trying the operation again, consult your dealer or your Sony service representative.

Setting the streaming output path If multiple encoders connect to the streaming server, enter the path for identification. Formatting A Usb Flash Memory White Balance Auto Press the t button by the jog roller.

The [Audio Output] menu appears. Working on Line Objects This section describes how to create a line object, and then change the line style or Problem Possible causes Possible solutions See page External hard disk continued Attempts at recovery yield The hard disk data

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