: Atlantis (Jack Howard) (): David Gibbins: Books. Atlantis (Jack Howard Series Book 1) and millions of other books are available. Atlantis is an archaeological adventure novel by David Gibbins. First published in , it is the first book in Gibbins’ Jack Howard series. It has been published. From an extraordinary discovery in a remote desert oasis to a desperate race against time in the ocean depths, a team of adventurers is about to find the.

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At the time they were mocked, people saying stories in Homer were nothing but fiction, but those pioneers saw truth in the myths. The historical conspiracy angle gives the book Da Vinci -esque appeal, and the intense visual details of the team’s marine discoveries make it naturally cinematic, but if history and science lectures aren’t your cup of Dramamine, you might want to give this one a pass.

I would love to see a few more authors touch on that old subject. Sep 26, Pages Buy.

Below m, the Black Sea is dead, with deposits of brine there from when it was cut off from the Mediterranean. The guy deserves a Nobel prize compared to this book.

Then pick up ‘The Gods of Atlantis’ today. I’ve read about 30 pages of the book and so far I’m not all keen about it. Could there possibly be a terrifying new version of ‘Atlantis’, gibins priesthood of evil?

Oct 28, Kost As rated it atlzntis liked it. Even though I had to roll my eyes several times at the main character’s unearthly perfectness is that a word?

Review of David Gibbins’ “Atlantis”…

An advanced, conquering kingdom, said Plato, Atlantis met a nasty fate after it overreached and angered the gods.


It seemed like it wanted to be a Dirk Pitt adventure, but was even more unbelievable and a lot less well written. He has worked in underwater archaeology all his professional life. I found this book in The Friends atlantks Library for sale section at my local library for 50 cents.

The Gods of Atlantis (Jack Howard, #6) by David Gibbins

For any sane readers steer clear. I was just disappointed on so many gibbims it was too hard to bear. May 19, Jim rated it really liked it.

The modern adventure begins with another dive by Jack and his pal Costas into an underwater active Black Sea volcano off the northeast coast of Turkey. While some reviewers hated it, I found it fun and fascinating. This being Cipher Mysteries, I try to read a fair bit of mysterious cipher-related stuff along the way, both non-fiction and fiction.

And the there is Jack’s enless emotional flashes.

With so much going on, I had to pay really close attention to all the details and characters to make sure I knew what was going on — really the downside to pick up a series on the 6th book! Frankly, I am surprised this book got published. After giving up trying to enjoy the book I tried to find another use for it and started reading it at night instead of taking a sleepin This is the only novel I’ve rated withing finishing it.

Gibbbins nothing original about the characters or the plot: Five million years ago, the Mediterranean dried out after being cut off from the Atlantic. I finally finished this book. Books by David Gibbins. Gibbins learned to scuba dive at the age of 15 in Canada, and dived under ice, on shipwrecks and in caves while he was still at school. View all 3 comments. Then by tracking down the s expeditions of Himmler’s Ahnenerbe – the Nazi’s Department of Cultural Heritage – xavid its link with Atlantis, Jack realises he is not just on the trail of the greatest lost relics from the past.


A sort of Da Vinci Code xtlantis the deep sea, Atlantis may read like an airport thriller but the ideas underpinning it are deadly serious. Nov 05, Shannon rated it liked it.

The ancient history was fun and interesting, the premise exciting, but the characters were so awful and some of the action sequences absolutely impossible. Never rains but it pours. It was Ireland, it was Australia, it was off the Spanish port of Gibbuns, off Morocco, capital of a global pre-Ice Age civilization, terrestrial HQ of an intergalactic empire … For Gibbins, the truth is more straightforward.

The Gods of Atlantis

Combine that with a theory givbins the location of Atlantis and write it in novel form, and you have me caught as an interested reader. But before we get carried away and take to the oceans, Gibbins is keen to point out that his theories about Atlantis are exactly that: The main character is a marine archeologist and gathers a team of experts in response to a find that seems to lead toward the discovery of the lost Atlantis.

To gibhins, Atlantis was a precursor of civilization lost in the depths of the Ice Age:

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