Chapter 1. Introduction. Reason for writing; certain personsindifferent about Arianism; Ariansnot Christians, because sectaries always take the name of their. Athanasius: Select Works and Letters Four Discourses Against the Arians. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not .. These Orations and Discourses seem written to shew the vital importance of the. Look Inside The Orations of St Athanasius Against the Arians Although Arianism was condemned as heretical at the Council of Nicaea in , it continued to.

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Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not Christians, because sectaries always take the atthanasius of their founder. This is almost a technical word, and has occurred again and again already, as descriptive of heretical teaching in opposition to the received traditionary doctrine.

It is also found passim in other writers. Wherefore, as saith the Saviour, in that they gather not with us, they scatter with the devil, and afhanasius an eye on those who slumber, that, by this second sowing of their own mortal poison, they may have companions in death.

Still Arianism was contrasted with other heresies on this point, as in these two respects; 1. The Arians availed themselves of certain texts as objections, argued keenly and plausibly from them, and would not be driven from them.

Oration rather they took some words of Scripture, and made their own deductions from them; viz. He has [elsewhere] insisted that the enforcement of the symbol was but the rejection of the heresy, and accordingly he is here content to bring out the Catholic sense, as feeling that, if persons understood and embraced it, they would not scruple at the word.

He seems to allude to what may be called the liberal or indifferent feeling as swaying the athabasius for whom he writes, also infr. He mentions in Apollin.

Four Orations Against the Arians

For what have they discovered in this heresy like to the religious Faith, that they vainly talk as if its supporters said no evil?


But neither can a Christian bear to hear this, nor can he consider the man who dared to say it sane in his understanding.

Two distinctions are drawn between such a title as applied to Catholics, and again to heretics, when they are taken by Catholics as a note against them. But ye not only by Catholics but also by heretics, those who agree with you and those who disagree, are called Pelagians; as even by heresies are Arians called Arians.

It may be added that the heretical name adheres, the Catholic dies away. Nor let them make a jest of it, when they feel shame at their disgraceful appellation; rather, if they be ashamed, let them hide their faces, or let them recoil from their own irreligion. For never at any time did Christian people take their title from the Bishops among them, but from the Lord, on whom we rest our faith. How are you a Christian, to whom it is not even granted to bear the name of Christian?

And you are called of the Catholic Church; therefore ye are not Christians either. Yes surely; while all of us are and are called Christians after Christ, Marcion broached a heresy a long time since and was cast out; and those who continued with him who athanasous him remained Christians; but those who followed Marcion were called Christians no more, but henceforth Marcionites.

For though we have a succession of teachers and become their disciples, yet, because we are athanasiu by them the things of Christ, we both are, and are called, Christians all the same.

CHURCH FATHERS: Four Discourses Against the Arians (Athanasius)

But those who follow the heretics, though they have innumerable successors in their heresy, yet anyhow bear the name of him who devised it. Thus, though Arius be dead, and many of his party have succeeded him, yet those who think with him, as being known from Arius, are called Arians.

And, what is a remarkable evidence of this, those of the Greeks who even at this time come into the Church, on giving up the superstition of idols, take the name, not of their catechists, but of the Saviour, and begin to be called Christians instead of Greeks: And hence a man may marvel, that, whereas many have written many treatises and abundant homilies upon the Old Testament and the New, yet in none of them is a Thalia found; nay nor among the more respectable of the Gentiles, but among those only who sing such strains over their cups, amid cheers and jokes, when men are merry, that the rest may laugh; till this marvellous Arius, taking no grave pattern, and ignorant even of what is respectable, while he stole largely from other heresies, would be original in the ludicrous, with none but Sotades for his rival.


For what beseemed him more, when he athanasiuw dance forth against the Saviour, than to throw his wretched words of irreligion into dissolute and loose metres? Athanaasius was in stature very tall, downcast in visage, with manners like wily serpent, captivating to every guileless heart by that same crafty bearing.

For ever habited in cloke and vest, he was pleasant of address, ever persuading souls and flattering; wherefore what was his very first work but to withdraw from the Church in one body as many as seven hundred women who professed virginity.? In truth, that crafty one did not escape detection; but, for all his many writhings to orrations fro, like the serpent, he did but fall into the error of the Pharisees.

In like manner Athan.

CHURCH FATHERS: Discourse I Against the Arians (Athanasius)

Arius, denying the Son, and reckoning Him among the creatures. This book has been accessed more than times since July 13, Help others find pages by topic by adding a topic tag if this page is a good resource no commas or spaces. Please login or register to save highlights and make annotations.

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