Download and view manual or user guide ATAG AEC-CW4 Central heating online. Click here to go to download ATAG AEC-CW4 Central heating for free . Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your ATAG AEC Central Heating Boiler. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for?. Are you looking for the the instruction manual of the Atag AEC? View the user manual of this product directly and completely free.

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View a manual of the Atag AEC below. All manuals on ManualsCat.

Atag AEC manual

By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Have a question about the Atag AEC but cannot find the answer in the user attag Perhaps the users of ManualsCat.

By filling in the form below, your question will appear below the manual of the Atag AEC. Please make sure that you describe your difficulty with the Atag AEC as precisely as you can.

The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. You will automatically be sent an e-mail to inform you when someone has reacted to your a244ex.

Previous page Next page. Table of Contents Page: It is in your own interest that we should know that you have an ATAG boiler. Please fill out the atqg card completely and send it back to us. Then we can be fully at your service. This manual is a244ed the end user. Read this manual fully before operating the boiler. In x244ec of doubt or errors contact your installer. ATAG Heating reserves the right to change the specifications and dimensions without prior notice. Work on the boiler must be carried out by a com- petent person, Ref: Gas Safe Register using correctly calibrated instruments with current test certification.

Benchmark is managed and promoted by the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council. For more information visit www. The installer is legally a244c to complete a commissioning checklist as a means of complying with the appropriate Building Regu- lations England and Wales. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate will then be issued to the customer who should, on receipt, write the Notifi- cation A244sc on the Benchmark Checklist.

This product should be serviced regularly to opti- mise its safety, efficiency and performance. The service engineer should complete the relevant Service Record on the Benchmark Checklist after each service.


The Benchmark Checklist may be required in the event of any warranty work and as supporting documentation relating to home improvements in the optional documents section of the Home Information Pack.

If you smell gas: Corrosion protection Do not use sprays, chlorine-containing cleaning products, solvents, paints etc. These substances have an adverse impact on the device and can lead to corrosion that may result in failures. Checking the heating water Regularly check the water pressure of the heating installation Always use potable water for filling the installation. Adding chemical agents such as frost and corrosion inhibitors are only atga be added by your installer. Adeclaration of conformity can be obtained from the manufacturer.

The efficiency of the boiler is very high and the radiation convection and standby losses very low. After opening the door you will find a brief overview of the meaning of all the keys and icons. These are described below.

Atag AEC manual – BKManuals

In case of a failure the symbol is displayed with a Cx xx code. In other cases the Reset button has no function and will not respond when operated. See 9 for a brief overview of codes.

Each change becomes active directly. Hot water program OFF: Press — until the x244ec value is reached and then press — again.

The xtag is showing — and the upper is off. Switching on works in reverse order. If in doubt, check with your installer 1 Connect the filling hose to the cold water tap; 2 Fill the hose completely with drinking water; 3 Connect the filled hose to the filling and draining valve of the heating installation; 4 Open the filling and draining valve; 5 Open the cold water tap; 6 Slowly fill the CH installation to 1,7 bar: Press the i-key until A6 appears water pressure.

The value on the display increases; 7 Close the cold water tap; 8 The code C1 05 will appear on the display the moment the pressure exceeds Venting program of approx.

Check the water pressure regularly and top it up if necessary. The operating pressure in the system under cold conditions should be between 1. It may take some time before all the air has disappeared from a newly filled installation. Especially in the first week, sounds may be heard that indicate air. The automatic air vent in the boiler will let this air escape, causing the water pressure to drop during this period and water will need to be refilled again. Heating and hot water OFF: Press the – key of both keys until the lowest value has been reached.


Release the key and press the — key once again. The display is showing The program has thus disabled. The arrow to the left afag off. In case of work on the a244sc installation: Make sure no heat request occurs: Pull the plug from the wall socket. If the installation is being drained, you have to take into account that part of the heating water will remain in the boiler.

Make sure that the remaining heating water in the boiler cannot freeze in case of frost. This means that hot water is available instantly when you open the hot water tap. If desired, you can choose the Eco mode.

This means that when tapping, it will take a little longer before hot water will flow from the hot water tap.

This depends on the pipe length between the boiler and water points and the current heating temperature.

Press the OK key for 3 seconds. The display is showing the chosen parameter again Press the ESC key until the default display is shown again.

If during 8 minutes no key has been used, the default display is displayed on the screen automatically. This means that the pump is switched on when there is a request for heating or hot water. If necessary, the pump can also operate continuously. This requires the following actions: An arrow appears on the display in the bottom left-hand corner, indicating that the pump is now continuously switched on.

If during 8 minutes no key has been pressed, the default display is displayed on the screen automatically. If the failure persists, please contact your installer as soon as possible and tell him the number code. There are also messages with a c and a number code that constitute no failures.

ATAG A244EC Central Heating Boiler

These messages will cancel themselves over time or after filling or draining the heating system. Atagg the reset button has no effect then, for example: Venting program active Conclude a maintenance agreement with your installerinordertohavetheinstallationperiodically checked and adjusted. The cover of the boiler consists of plastic parts, which can be cleaned with a normal non- aggressive cleansing agent.

For the warranty conditions, see the Warranty Card that has been delivered with the boiler.

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