The classic Artscroll Stone Edition small size Chumash 5 volume in slipcase with English translation and commentaries. A great thing becomes smaller and. The Chumash has ratings and 18 reviews. Simcha said: Artscroll’s Stone Edition of the Chumash is a fine work in many ways. It combines an intuitive a. Products 1 – 16 ArtScroll Publications. Stone Edition Chumash – Travel Size – Yerushalayim Dark Brown Leather – Ashkenaz. $ $ You Save: $

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For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. By Rabbi Nosson Scherman Author.

The Stone Edition Chumash – Full Size

Home other titles you might enjoy. Interlinear Siddur – Hebew Chumawh Ashkenaz. The Milstein Edition of the Later Prophets: Schottenstein Edition Hebrew Chumash. The Majesty of Bereishis. The Rubin Edition of the Prophets: Samuel I and II. Tales From The Rebbe’s Table. Weekday Large Type – Ashkenaz.

Stone Editions of the Chumash

Pocket Size – Ashkenaz – Paperback. Complete Pocket Chumasy – Sefard Paperback. The Story of The Chofetz Chaim. The Book of Megillos. Rabbi Scherman on Chinuch. Full Size – Sefard. Mid Size – Sefard – Reinforced. Schottenstein Interlinear Hoshanos Pocket Size.

Spanish Illustrated Haggadah Hard Cover. Spanish Illustrated Haggadah Paperback.

The Illustrated Haggadah Hard Cover. Family Haggadah – Leatherette Cover. Translated and Transliterated – Leatherette Cover.

Translated and Transliterated – Copper Cover. Translated and Transliterated – White Cover. Machzor Pesach Pocket Size Sefard. Bedtime Stories artscropl Jewish Values. The Artscroll Children’s Book of Ruth. Kol Dodi on Megillas Esther.


Artscroll Stone Chumash Plus Concordance

Pocket Size – Ashkenaz – Alligator Leather. Kol Dodi on Megillas Ruth. Machzor Succos Ashkenaz – Alligator Leather. Machzor Pesach – Ashkenaz – Alligator Leather. Machzor Succos Pocket Size Ashkenaz. Pocket Size – Sefard – Alligator Leather. Pocket Nusach Lita – Sstone. Pocket Size – Ashkenaz – Maroon Leather. Complete Full Size – Ashkenaz. Pocket Size – Ashkenaz – White Leather. Machzor Pesach Pocket Size Ashkenaz. Safra Edition of the Chumash in French.

Pocket Size artsxroll Ashkenaz – Hardcover. The Family Haggadah – Spanish Edition. Pocket Size – Sefard – Maroon Leather.

Machzor Pesach artscrol Ashkenaz – White Leather. Machzor Succos Ashkenaz – White Leather. Machzor Pesach Full Size – Ashkenaz. Machzor Pesach – Ashkenaz – Maroon Leather.

Full Size – Sefard – Alligator Leather. Machzor Succos Ashkenaz – Maroon Leather. Machzor Pesach – Sefard – Alligator Leather. Kings I and II. Pocket Size – Sefard – White Leather.

ArtScroll – Wikipedia

Machzor Chukash Full Size – Ashkenaz. Its History, Observance, And Significance. Full Size – Sefard – White Leather. Its Significance, Laws, And Prayers.

Pocket Size – Ashkenaz. Full Size – Sefard – Maroon Leather. Machzor Pesach – Sefard – White Leather. Full Size – Ashkenaz. Interlinear 5 Vol Set. Machzor Pesach – Sefard – Maroon Leather. Complete Full Size – Sefard. Siddur – Chinuch Chaim Shlomo – Ashkenaz. Machzor Pesach Full Size – Sefard.

Schottenstein Ed Interlinear Pirkei Avos. Full Size Nusach Polin Sefard. Teachings for Our Times. Machzor Shavuos Full Size Sefard.

Weekday Pocket Chujash – Ashkenaz Paperback. Xrtscroll Size – Sefard – Paperback. The Artscroll Children’s Megillah. Haggadah Anthology – Gift Edition.


The Artscroll Children’s Megillah Paperback. Weekday Pocket Size – Ashkenaz Hardcover. Full Size Nusach Lita Ashkenaz. Family Zemiros – Leatherette cover. Pocket Size – Sefard – Hardcover. The Family Zemiros – White Cover.

The Artscroll Children’s Haggadah. Weekday Pocket Size – Ashkenaz – Leatherette. The Megillah – Personal Size. Complete Pocket Size – Ashkenaz Paperback. Weekday Pocket Size – Sefard – Leatherette. Tales From The Yeshivah World.

Sabbath and Festival Large Type – Ashkenaz. Early Prophets Kings 1 Pocket Size.

Early Prophets Kings 2 Pocket Size. Early Prophets Samuel 1 Pocket Size. Early Prophets Samuel 2 Pocket Size. Joshua and Judges Pocket Size. ArtScroll Mesorah Publications Published: A Classic in its own time – The entire Chumash, newly reset, in one beautiful volume with a new, contemporary English translation of the Torah, faithful to Rashi and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and an anthologized commentary artscroll a team of scholars, under the editorship of Rabbi Nosson Scherman.

This commentary draws on the spectrum of biblical commentaries, from the Talmud, Midrash, and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and includes insights of contemporary greats.

Haftaros with new translation, and introductory comments introducing the haftarah and relating it to the Torah reading. The Five Megillos with translation and commentary.

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