L. Caleca, Architettura Tecnica, Flaccovio Editore. 4. ni, M. Grecchi, Nuovi modelli per l’abitare, Il Sole 24 Ore Editore. 5. G. Sciuto, La pietra lavica. Programma dell’insegnamento di Architectural Engineering (Architettura L. Caleca, Architettura Tecnica, Quarta edizione, Dario Flaccovio Ed., Napoli, Architettura tecnica on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The training aim that the course proposes is to organize and orientate in a coherent figurative and formal framework the architectural project the various technical skills of the sector technological, structural and plant design, strategies aimed at saving energy, innovation in materials and in the processes, government of the anthropic territory, its infrastructures and systems, urban studies.

The course is built on the intersection between the specific disciplinary theoretical – which we consider a characteristic of Italian engineering and architecture – and the learning-by-doing of the laboratory practice, which actually simulates professional practice.

The course is designed as a large container in which the individual contributions of course staff, external lecturers and conferences are organized freely and the work in the classroom on the proposed exercises workshops.

These individual exercises establish an educational path with increasing difficulties, each of which ends with a jury and with caeca public discussion of the projects which will be followed by an evaluation that will compose the final mark.

At the end of the training process the student must have achieved the following skills: Production architetura an architectural project developed from the urban to the executive scale, including structural and technological construction details, adapted to the current laws in force and with reference to the work site phases; Understanding of formal creation as a process; Knowledge of the methodological tools and techniques necessary to develop the analysis and the technological design of a building organism; Production of documentation graphics, infographics, text, modeling required by an architectural project at various architertura Knowledge of the main construction techniques, with particular reference to innovation and technological evolution and energy saving; Critical knowledge of the main contemporary and twentieth century trends.


I workshops sono intesi come esercitazione: Modulo Architettura e Composizione Architettonica. Elaborazione dei disegni piante, sezioni, prospetti, esplosi nelle scale richieste e renderings, inerenti una casa a patio di Mies van der Rohe: The workshops are intended as an exercise: This approach aims to convey an idea of an architectural project intended as a theoretical-operational tool.

Architecture and Architectural Composition Module. Elaboration of drawings plants, sections, elevations, exploded in required stairs and renderings, related to a patio house of Mies van der Rohe: Elaboration of drawings plans, sections, elevations, exploded views and renderings, construction details in the required scales concerning the year theme: The student will develop knowledge and sensitivity for the solution of inherent problems: During the laboratory sessions the degree of accuracy and precision of the activities carried out by the student will be evaluated, verifying the methods for defining responsibilities, managing and organizing the project phases.

Velasca Tower exhibition_ph. Santi Caleca – Interni Magazine

The study plan of the Architetutra Degree in Architectural and Building Engineering does not currently provide for preparatory studies. However, it is considered highly advisable to have passed and passed the following architetfura A series of theoretical-critical lessons, which will investigate the specificity of the relationship between architecture and engineering, supplemented by some lessons on the foundations of epistemology. Further seminar will have the title “The complexity of the tecnixa process” with focus from the design process to the construction of the architecture.

A third course cycle of the course will focus on: The student must always carry the following equipment: Coerentemente saranno esaminate le seguenti problematiche:. The following are the main conceptual junctions that will be addressed in the course: Architecture and Architectural Composition Structure of the territory Specificity of the landscape Structure and history of the city Hierarchical and relational criteria between the different functions of tecnkca program Relationship between form and meaning of the building Relationship between form and construction systems Relationship between type and urban structure Relationship between type and program Integration between design strategies and energy efficiency of the building Integration between architectural project and structural project Integration between architectural project and plant design.

  ISO 9241-9 PDF

A theme that can not be separated from that of ecology, from energy saving and therefore from that of new construction and plant technologies.

The following issues will be coherently examined: Architetgura importance will have the problem of the construction of the architecture in its various technical declinations. Bibliografia Architettura e Composizione Architettonica Testi obbligatori. I testi in bibliografia sono indicati nelle edizioni attualmente in commercio. Bibliography Architecture and Architectural Composition Mandatory texts. On the twentieth century architecture. On Mies van der Rohe. The texts in the bibliography are indicated in the editions currently on the market.

The specific bibliography on the theme of the year will be provided during the course. Bibliography Technical Architecture Texts for the study.

Reference texts for the study. Accordarsi comunque con i docenti. However, agree with the teachers.

Failure to deliver the workshop exercises on the scheduled date does not allow to take the final exam. The exam will focus acrhitettura the discussion and evaluation of the workshops and in an oral exam concerning the two modules of Architecture and Architectural Composition and Technical Architecture, within the teaching.

The exam will be passed if the evaluation architettjra both modules will be positive. Integrated Laboratory of Architectural Design 1. Assessment criteria of knowledge.

Architettura tecnica

Assessment criteria of skills. Assessment criteria of behaviors. SID – Sistema informatico dipartimentale Direzione servizi informatici e amministrazione digitale Direzione Edilizia e Telecomunicazione.

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