The distant Amaterasu Reiki attunement system aims to connect you to the The Great Sun Goddess of Japan, Amaterasu for healing and balance in your. Amaterasu is The Great Sun Goddess of Japan, she is the supreme deity of the Shinto religion and is ruler of all the kami, the gods, or, more properly, the forces . Reiki Amaterasu is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Reiki Amaterasu and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and.

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What Is Amaterasu Reiki? The Great Sun Goddess of Japan, she is the supreme deity of the Shinto religion and is ruler of all the kami, the gods, or, more properly, the forces inherent in nature.

Her special sacred site is the Grand Shrine of Ise, where she is enshrined in the Inner Sanctuary shown at right; below right: In the mythology of Japan, according to the eighth-century Kojiki Records of Ancient Mattersin the beginning there was chaos, and yin and yang, the heavens and the earth, the waters and the land were not separated.

Amaterasu Reiki

Heaven formed first, and then earth, and numerous gods were born who remained hidden. She gave birthto several kami, but when delivering the god of fire Kagu-tsuchishe died.


Izanagi grieved, and followed her to the netherworld Yomi no kuni. He begged her to return to the world of the living with him, and she left to prepare for the journey, admonishing him not to look at her until they were back. Like Orpheus, however, he looked, reikj saw her putrefying flesh swarming with maggots. He ran away and eventually returned to this world, where he immediately bathed himself to wash away the defilement.

Amaterasu ruled the Plain of High Heaven Takama-no-haraTsuki-yomi ruled the seas and the night sky, and Susano-ruled the earth, and all got along well for a while. In the seventh-century Nihongi [Chronicles of Japan], it is Amaterasu herself who wounded herself on a shuttle, but not mortally. In protest at this great and evil violence, Amaterasu withdrew into a cave and sealed it shut with a giant rock. As a result, the world was plunged into darkness.

Without her light and warmth, the gods of rice and all living things began to wither and die. The eight million gods gathered in front of the cave and tried to coax her out, pleading with her to return. But Amaterasu remained unmoved. Then the voluptuous young goddess of merriment named Ame-no-Uzume turned over a washtub.

Standing on top of it, she began a sensual dance, stamping out a rhythm with her feet on the washtub. She eventually exposed her breasts and lifted her skirts. Her audience clapped along, shouting and laughing with delight. Behind Uzume was hidden a great round mirror. When Amaterasu peeked out of the cave to see what all the commotion was about, Uzume moved aside and Amaterasu stared directly into the great mirror. Amaterasu, who had never seen her own beauty before, was dazzled and delighted.


Amaterasu returned to her heavenly throne to warm the winter-weary earth. All the kami rejoiced in her divine warmth and light. Life stirred and the world turn green once again.

Symbols to Use with the Amaterasu Healing Energy 1. Synergy Reiki Method of Amaterasu Empowerment 2. Tibetan Reiju Empowerment Method Appendixes 1.

Chinkon and Misogi Exercises amaterazu. Oracle of the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu Omikami. Master Reiki Length Of Program: Distant Methode Manual and Certificate send by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Amaterasu Reiki – Mother Earth Reiki

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