Ambtenarenwet en Algemeen Rijksambtenarenreglement – Ebook written by. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Get this from a library! Algemeen rijksambtenarenreglement. Third, they can only be dismissed for specific reasons, specified in the General Civil Service Regulation (Algemeen rijksambtenarenreglement). The pay scales .

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Public and civil servants. Netherlands – Public and civil servants – Law, Act. Act of 24 December to apply the legally compulsory employee insurances to civil servants as well as military personnel Wet overheidspersoneel onder de werknemersverzekeringen. Act of 24 December concerning Legal Employee Insurances for Civil Servants Wet overheidspersoneel onder de werknemersverzekeringen.

Act concerning the extension of the application of legal employee insurances to civil servants. Netherlands rijksambtnarenreglement Public rijksmabtenarenreglement civil servants – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

Decree of the Netherlands Antilles of 23 December amending some Decrees in connection with the entry into force of the Retirement Decree for Civil Servants Pensionenlandsverordening overheidsdienarenthe Country Decree Algemeejthe provisions concerning a new payment and judgment system introduced by the Country Decree Substantive Civil Service Act Landsverordening Materieel Ambtenarenrechtthe Payment Country Decree Bezoldigingslandsbesluitand the arrangement of part-time work for civil servants on a fixed contract and their legal status in connection herewith Invoeringslandsverordening rechtspositionele regelingen Amends several Decrees in connection with the entry into force of national regulations for civil servants regarding retirement, wage payment systems, judgment systems and part time employment.

Decree of 16 December amending the Stipulative Decree concerning the Legally Compulsory Circle of Persons covered by the Sickness Fund Act Aanwijzingsbesluit verplicht-verzekerden Ziekenfondswet and the Decree Restricting the Circle of Insured Persons covered by the Sickness Fund Act Besluit beperking kring verzekerden Ziekenfondswet in connection with rijksxmbtenarenreglement applicability of legally compulsory employee insurances to civil servants and military personnel.

Amends several Sickness Fund Decrees rijksambtenafenreglement regard to the applicability of legally compulsory employee insurances to civil servants and military personnel. Amends several regulations concerning employment conditions for civil servants in connection with the applicability of the Disability Benefits Act to such civil servants. Deals mainly with the amendment of provisions concerning disability of civil servants.

Algemeen Rijksambtenarenreglement – Google Books

Decree of 4 December amending the General Public Service Regulations Algemeen Rijksambtenarenreglement and some other Decrees in connection with the application of the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Civil Servants Arbeidsvoorwaardenovereenkomst sector Rijk As a result of this Agreement, regulations regarding the legal status of civil servants are amended. Decree of 27 October establishing regulations for recognition of supplementary payments for work-disabled former defense personnel.

Provides for extraordinary financial payments to former defense personnel who are partially work-disabled and who do not receive social security benefits under their present employment or unemployment situation as do able-bodied employees in the defense sector.

Decree of 1 October to introduce more flexible pension procedures and resignation procedures for personnel in the Ministry of Defense. In this Decree, the remuneration determination method is amended and a new scale to determine wages is provided.

This is provided in connection with the new rule that all the different civil service sectors do not need to abide by the same wage determination methods any longer. This provision is in line with the general restructuring of public services and administration. Decree of 1 September providing for a year-end bonus for police personnel in This decree formalizes the year-end bonus for police officers and personnel in the police sector.

Decree of 18 August to formalize various regulations of the employment conditions agreement in the civil service sector as regards wages. The Remuneration Decree National Civil Servants of “Bezoldigingsbesluit Burgerlijke Rijksambtenaren” is herewith amended to provide for wage increases. This Remuneration Decree was first established in and published in Stb.

This decree follows from a series of sectoral administrative changes that were made in the personnel sectors in the national defense, the police, and institutions of law. The present Decree will be referred to as the Regulation Sickness Costs Provisions Defense Personnel “Regeling ziektekosten-voorziening defensiepersoneel”.

The purpose of this decree is to harmonize the available benefits with other pension benefit schemes for the families of disabled or deceased civil servants. Supplementary benefits are herewith provided for the members of the armed forces and civil servants in the national defense as well as for their partners in case of death of the beneficiary.


The widowed partner may be an unmarried person who lives at the same address as the disabled or deceased and is registered as life-partner with the General Civil Pension Fund “ABP”. Act of 12 June amending the Act Framework Regulation Early Retirement of National Civil Servants in connection with the introduction of flexible resignation for personnel in the national civil service and education.

The purpose of this amendment is to harmonize the pension and resignation provisions given to civil servants and public teachers with those employees in former public institutions which are now private. Decree of 25 April to amend the General Civil Servants Regulations and other Decrees in connection with the Regulation for flexible pension and resignation.

This decree specifies the terms and conditions under which all civil servants can obtain more flexible pension schemes and maintain their benefits following resignation. This new regulation will be referred to hereafter as: The General Pension Fund is herewith provided with additional funding to guarantee pension benefits for national civil servants.

Decree of 23 December concerning pension and benefits for military personnel who are unable to attend to their duties for medical reasons. Establishes the terms and conditions for medical examinations of military personnel and troops and coordinates this with the social security provisions valid under the regulations of general employee insurances and pension schemes. Decree of 17 December withdrawing the Interim Health Cost Regulations for civil servants of To obtain greater cost effectiveness and deregulate the insurance benefit payment mechanism for civil servants, this decree annuls the Interim regulations of the health cost income subsidy for civil servants of These provisions were initially established in the Ministerial Regulations in Stcrt.

New sectoral regulations have replaced the above outdated Ministerial Regulations. This act concerns the length of time in which political office-holders ministers, etc. The Act modifies the method of wage benefit calculations and pension plan contributions. Regulates the appointment, the competences, the salary and the work conditions of judicial officials. Appointment, administration of oath, assumption of office Chapter II: Complete task and partial task Chapter III: Salary and other financial conditions of employment Chapter IV: Working time, working hours and work arrangement Chapter V: Holidays and leave Chapter VI: Other rights and obligations Chapter VIA: Disciplinary provisions, suspension and dismissal Chapter VII: Decree of 28 November to formalize the Regulations for wage increases of civil servants.

The wage increases of civil servants are herewith formally accepted. They comprised an increase of 0. This decree also states that as of 1 Januarythe wage structure and payment mechanisms will be reviewed and reformed.

This act concerns specifically the employees of the rijksambtenarenreglemennt household and aims at harmonizing the social security benefits, rijkdambtenarenreglement plans and dismissal regulations with those of the General Civil Pension Fund ABP. The present Act cancels the Act of 27 July which established the regulations concerning pensions for the staff of the royal household Stb. The purpose of this decree is to harmonize the needs of labour and the demands for work hours between the employer government and the employees.

The objective is to obtain better remuneration and work time adjustments of the average of yearly work hours for each employee when work fluctuations and times of higher labour needs are taken into consideration. The regulations provide for the amount of hours or days of compensation which workers have a right to if they work overtime, and the flexibility demanded from them and employers regarding work hours.

Ordinance of 11 July concerning pension benefits for civil servants. For the period of algwmeen August to 31 Decemberthe indexation and administration rijksambtejarenreglement pension benefits for former civil servants in the Netherlands Antilles are herewith established.

See also Publicatieblad No.

Netherlands – Civil Servants Regulations

Addes provisions to the Civil Code and the Civil Servant Act to prohibit employers in the private or public service sector to discriminate among their employees based on duration of work time. Decree of 25 June amending the Police Salary Decree in recognition of a one-time benefit payment in connection with the terms and conditions of employment agreement section police for the period 1 April to 1 July algemmeen This Special Benefits for Rijksambtenwrenreglement decree provides for alvemeen one-time “additional inconvenience benefit” algemefn well as other special benefits since the terms and conditions of employment of police officers are being harmonized with those of all civil servants and coordinated with those of employees in the private sector.


See also the related Stb. The National Defense Sector Commission established a rijksambtenafenreglement of employment creation options for dismissed personnel for the period of 1 April to 31 March Article 6 specifies the amount of time for which a dismissed national defense employee can obtain unemployment benefits. Decree of 19 June determining the regulations regarding supplementary unemployment assistance for national civil servants. Extra-salary benefits are provided herewith for dismissed civil servants who have not reached retirement age and have a right to unemployment assistance.

This decree harmonizes the civil servants unemployment benefit package with the general Unemployment Act and provides for modified methods of calculating unemployment benefits.

This text contributes to conforming all social security provisions for civil servants to the general social security provisions for workers in the private sector as outlined in the Disabled Workers Insurance Benefits Act “WAO”.

The sector national police is herewith harmonized with the privatization of the General Civilian Pension Funds “ABP” and the salary and benefit regulations are herewith standardized.

Act of 9 June amending the General Pension Act for Political Office Holders regarding the extension of survivor benefits introduction of partner-pension. This amendment concerns benefits to the surviving next-of-kin such as a spouse who has a right to survivors’ benefitchildren who are below the age of 21, as well as family members who are related to, or “partners” who were closely associated with a deceased political office holder but were not necessarily a former spouse or offspring from his or her marital relationship.

This amendment extends the availability of such benefits. Decree of 30 May amending the Royal Decree of 25 July concerning the establishment of regulations as meant in articlesections 1 and 2, and articlesection 2 of the General Pension Act for Political Office Holders Stb. The amendments concern the amount of remuneration and pension plan contribution which political office holders obtain in relation to other civil servants. Income of the Military Decree. Inkomstenbesluit Militairen – Adoption: Regulates the income and pension of military personnel.

Algemeen rijksambtenarenreglement.

General provisions Chapter II: Other income Chapter IV: Income rijksambtenarengeglement special circumstances Chapter IVa: Calculation of pension basis Chapter V: Transitional and final provisions. Ordinance of the Minister of Justice of 4 October concerning the placement in the Staatsblad of the text of the Regulation Sickness Cost Provision for public government civil servants as it was most recently amended by the Decree of 14 September Stb.

The General Civil Pension Act is intended to provide adjustments of pension payment administration that harmonize with benefit schemes for civil servants.

This Decree regulates how the pension benefits are adjusted to the general salary amendment of 1 January The present Decree rijksamhtenarenreglement sickness benefits and disability benefits to the existing Decree.

With this Decree several technical adjustments are made in the Regulation Sickness Costs Provision State Employees “Regeling ziektekostenvoorziening overheidspersoneel [Z. Decree of 1 September amending the salary of, and the regulation of distortion-compensation for State Sector employees. Salaries are adjusted differentially to harmonize renumeration among State Sector personnel as rijksambgenarenreglement as for select categories of civil servants.

The result is a general increase of wages with exception of high income earners beginning 1 January Concerns the calculation of pension for the period of rijksambtenarenreglemeng working in the Netherlands national defense. Refers to the following earlier Decree: Decree of 1 August to amend the Decree on civil rijksambtenarenfeglement in the judiciary.

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