AirStash® Model A02 User Manual – Read more about airstash, your, that, this, wireless and with. maxell air stash manual 4 Preface Congratulations on purchasing AirStash! Please read this manual in its entirety before using your AirStash. This manual. View and Download Maxell A02 quick start manual online. AirStash. A02 Card Reader pdf manual download.

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Notebook users, accustomed to the ease of connectivity via built-in USB ports and card slots, have been known to clench their teeth adjusting to a world of Apple-induced roadblocks endemic with iOS devices like iPads, iPhones and iPods. AirStash is a USB stick that plugs into any computer for transferring content. Once chosen, the AirStash becomes a portable server, ready to wirelessly stream or copy files to your device.

Suddenly, a dearth of physical ports on your iPad dissolves in irrelevancy. It works with Android devices and virtually any Wi-Fi enabled device with a browser. About now you might be scratching your head over the value added regarding a device that could as easily be plugged into a USB port without the computer simultaneously forfeiting its wireless Internet connection or, in the case of an iOS device, simply buying an Apple’s iPad Camera Manuaal Kit for transferring photos from an inserted SD card.

And I was able to carry my iPod touch as far as feet away in an open but crowded office without losing the signal. According to the company, content on an AirStash can be shared simultaneously with up to six devices, and videos can be streamed concurrently with to up to three devices. The drive has a range of up to feet away when server and client are in line-of-sight. For security, you can invoke WEP encryption. The next morning I arstash testing manuual longevity of the AirStash battery by streaming a looped slideshow of the vineyard to my iPad.

Seven hours later with AirStash still blinking, my iPad shut down. I checked my iPod to make sure the stream was still available.

At nearly nine hours after turning on the diminutive server, the AirStash finally went dark. The company rates the battery for up to seven hours of continuous usage.

While charging, a yellow LED fades on and off. You can use it to stream or copy files, but I was unable to move files from my iPad to the AirStash. You must first change their Wi-Fi settings back manuql the network normally deployed. The wireless transmitter disengages. Tech support explained that the trick to making the transmitter work is to hold down the AirStash button while plugging it into the power adapter.


A difference is that manuaal GoFlex relies on an embedded hard drive, while the AirStash lets you swap memory cards as needed. You could, for example, save audio in a field recorder and then transfer the card to an AirStash for streaming or copying the files to other devices. Ways to use an AirStash abound. AirStash is available in two versions: The innovative product works as advertised. Not sure why you are getting that error.

I’ve tried checking the manufacturer’s site for more details but it looks like this device is no longer sold or supported by the company. I would like to put this in my HDTV and then transfer files from my laptop to watch on the tv, this would save my pulling hte usb out and eaqch time I wanted to update with a new episode ect, would it work like this? This would depend on two main factors. Primarily the speed of the SD card that you are using, and the strength of the wireless signal.

Making the assumption that you have a perfect Under less than ideal circumstances it will take longer. The AirStash is an interesting device. But my needs are quite simple. Can I stick the device in a digital photo frame on the wall upstairs and then use my Windows PC in the office downstairs to transfer pictures to the frame? A problem might be to hide the rather large AirStash behind the photo frame.

Maxell air stash manual

Xirstash the photo frame provide enough power to constantly recharge the AirStash? It msnual creates them. You would need to select the AirStash network from the list of wireless networks to access the files. Airstassh you are connected to AirStash, you aistash not have access to the internet, or other local network resources. For your second question, as long as the port on the photo frame is powered, you would not have a problem.

This device is itriguing. Is this a device that I can use while on a cruise, when I don’t have access to wifi. I realize that this device has built in wifi capability, but can I view pictures on my iPad without access to wifi?


I am a photographer and need a way to transfer edited pics from my iPad, to an external hard drive, without the use of a laptop and a network wifi connection. My memory quickly fills up if my vacation is longer than two weeks. If this USB device can do this, can I transfer pics more than one at a time?

Can I transfer a photo folder from my iPad to this device, or only one at a time? The AirStash can move documents on, and off of the drive, however it requires support from the application.

Maxell A02 Quick Start Manual

This drive can still work for your needs, but will require a third party application. It can access your photos, and upload manial to a WebDAV server. It is an extra step, but this free application will give you the two way transfer you are looking for with your photos, as well as documents. Hi – if I access the data on my iphone, will I be able to recieve calls and quickly drop the signal if needed to make calls?

A02 airstash is a very nice addition to overcome memory problems. However, I found that videos streamed to my ipod could not be projected. They played on the ipod alright. The airstash support were not helpful. A digital HDMI connection did not work either. I don’t believe that ipod can be airsttash like ipad2.

This is most likely due to the way that the application plays video. Since manuak video is already in an iPod ready format, you can also try viewing the video in the Safari browser, bypassing the application. This will work directly with the operating system, and should play video on the projector.

If you have a previous model, it will not be possible. Skip to main content. Which Surface Device is Right for You? Hey Andy, Not sure why you are getting that error. Just a question please: Mine seems to have died: The battery is mahual not user replaceable. Who’s hand is that in the pictures? It manuql soft and supple!

This seems to be a great product all around! Latest Discussions Mark S.

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