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The Panama American Portion of title: Weekend American Physical Description: Scott Family Library Fund donor Publisher: Panama City, Panama Publication Date: Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: On Saturday published as: Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.

#f102 medias

Related Items Related Items: The team sailed aboard the S. Cristobal at 10 a. In the picture, first row, 1. William Hamma, direc- tor. Not in the picture was Jerry Laatz. Gene Lauber, Major William G. Furth, bate surgeon, and Cpl.

Missouri, Oklahoma, Ill- inois and a section of Arkansas, stole headlines from phases of the Korean peace talks last week.

Sylvester San- ders of Cape Glrardeau, Missou- ri. Reading the July 18 The Pana- ma American. Lauber looked for flood news. It was easily found. A two column story head read: A second three column cut showed volun- teer citlzena of Kansar City, Kan- sas placing sand bags on a dike protecting an Industrial area. That was his family; Father.

Lauber; two sisters-in- law. Gilbert Lauber and Mrs. Two children shown in the picture were Lau- ber’s nephews, Randolph and Vernon. Minutes later, medic friend Sanders was shown the picture, looked for news of his home town where the Mississippi was to rise over 40 feet. His Job In the sideshow was to hold up glass cages contain- ing the snakes and exhibit them to patrons. Police said Morgan had been despondent since being told of his brother’s death In Korea.

Doctors who gave him anti- venom serum injections report him In a critical condition. The Coast Guard predicts that every dike at the Junction of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers would be swept away within 24 hours.

Army engineers warned that 28, acres of bottomland are in critical danger of flooding on either side of the Mississippi. Louts weather bureau reported that the Missouri crest was slowing as it approached the confluence with the Mississippi 16 miles north of here and now was due at St.

Louis Monday at The city ofpopulation Is located on high ground and had only a comparatively few wa- terfront industries and families to worry about.

Musser, di- rector of U. Soil Conservation for the Upper Mississippi region, said aerial surveys show that all crops on 1, acres of farm- land between Kansas City and St. Louis have been destroyed. Damage will be much greater when Kansas losses are aaseased, he said. In Kansas meanwhile some es- timates of the staggering ravages came from Brig.


The report said one of the Dig- fest Communist supply opera- Ions of the war would be com- plete by tomorrow night and that enemy front line forces, hundreds of thousands strong, would be In position to open an offensive.

Long lines of Communist vehi- cles have been winding down through North Korea to the bat- tle zone for days. The Allied air force stepped up bombing attacks on Red supply lines during the full moon this week. But spora- dic rains and murk Impeded them yesterday. The word that enough food and ammunition to sustain an offen- sive had reached the Communist front lines came as the Kaesong truce negotiations took a bad turn. Allied patrols trudging through paste-like mud fought small Communist groups.

The Communists have massed an estimated tanks in the Koksan sector, 65 miles north of the Kaesong. The Reds are massed along the mile front in their greatest strength since their spring offen- sive. But United Nations troops are ready to meet anything the Reds might throw should the ceasefire talks breakdown.

The Reds have the advantage of the present rainy season. Bad visibility cuts down United Na- tions air activity throughout Ko- rea. Rain poured heavily on almost every frontline unit. Eleven were killed by afop, five by storm-caused accidents.

Only the calmness of an East- ern Airlines pilot yesterday kept the death toll from skyrocketing when ‘his four engine airliner with 53 persons aboard was forc- ed down In the storm.

John Armstrong, pilot of the Newark to Miami Afi, landed the airliner in a muddy field near Richmond. Virginia, yesterday without injuring any- one aboard.

Armstrong said one engine did “.

A section was scorched by grass fire set off by friction from the plane’s slide but otherwise the plane was undamaged. Hailstones as large as g102 p u m m e 1 e d metropolitan New York as the storm reached peaks yesterday during the noon and evening rush hours.

Rain seeping into the subway station halted trains In’Brooklyn for more than an hour and several commuter trains Into the city were delayed.

Scores of homes and barns were set afire by lighting from Framingham and Salem, Massa- chusetts, where a radio station was knocked off the air.

His assassin was Mustafa Shu- kri Asho, 21, a tailor in Afil lem, and according to British sources a known terrorist who was at one time employed by the former Mufti of Jerusalem.

Abdullah died almost instant- ly. Mustafa was killed by guards. The attack Is thought here to be another In a series of assas- sinations of pro-British Arab lewder, believed inspired by out- side sources. Abdullah was the second Arab leader assassinated this week. Both Abdullah and Riad were firm friends of the British. Both were enemies of the Syrian Na- tionalists who are believed re- sponsible for Rlad’s assassina- tion.


Abdullah for years had been trying to merge Syria, Iraq and Palestine with his kingdom of Transjordan. Two years ago he merged the Arab section of Palestine with Jordan to form the Hashemlte Kingdom despite the bitter op- position of other Arab leaders.

Abdullah was born In Mecca. He became King of Jordan-In when that country was pro- claimed an Independent king- dom. The smooth operator was Iden- tified aafip a parade of chagrined witnesses.

Including two priests of the Greek Catholic Church of St. Mason of Queens, New York. Defense Sec- retary George C. Marshall and high military officials. Hoey said Mason’s “influen- tial connections” were entirely imaginary and emphasized that “not a single government official or employe is Involved in this case in any way. Boston building contractor Joseph E. But Mason’s main pitch, as de- scribed by the other four witness- es, was that the federal govern- ment was “going faip to escape ac atomic attack.

He persuaded his victims that all of the government’s present build- ings zfip soon be declared sur- elus and could be leased cheaply y private individuals with the right “Influence. Bodhan Katamay of Philadelphia, said they trusted Mason Implicitly.

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La Prensa has not appeared since Jan. The management continued to pay the salaries of La Prensa’s staff until March 31, when a congressional investigating com- mittee which had taken informal possession of the newspaper’s main office announced that it would sell bonds belonging to the newspaper in order to pay em- ployes’ salaries. The workers were not paid until June 11, when the Social Aid Foundation run by the wife of Argentina’s President handed out checks at the Labor Ministry to cover salaries for April and May.

Eva Peron herself passed out the first few checks. An unaudltloned amateif con- test will be held, with prizes for the winners. The dance will take place at the former Sail- fish Club, the Legion’s new] home. For yetfrs before the partition of Palestine his ambition was to make that an Arab country. He was a strong anti-Zionist. In the fighting between Israel and the Arab states his Transjor- dan Legion was the only body of Arab troops which fought effec- tively. It was led by a Briton, Glubb Pasha.

Abdullah has since been. His forces” ware never fully committed to the Israel-Arab war, though they succeeded in winning him a part of the city of Jerusalem.

He flew to Jerusalem yesterday to pray at the tomb of his father. He went to the mosque shortly before noon today. As he entered the mosque the assassin stepped from behind a door and shot him.

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