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After three failed attempts at doing so, she finally goads Samson into telling her that his vigor is derived from his hair.

As he sleeps, Delilah orders a servant to bibkija Samson’s hair, thereby enabling her to turn him over to the Philistines. Delilah has been the subject of both rabbinic and Christian commentary; rabbinic literature identifies her with Micah’s mother in the biblical narrative of Micah’s Idolwhile some Christians have compared her to Judas Iscariotthe man who betrayed Jesus.

Scholars have noted similarities between Delilah and other women in the Biblesuch as Jael and Judithand have discussed the question of whether the story of Samson’s relationship with Delilah displays a negative attitude towards foreigners. DeMille ‘s Hollywood film Samson and Delilah. Her name has become associated with treacherous and voluptuous women. Delilah was a woman of Sorek. First, at his own suggestion, she bound him with “seven green withes,” but these he easily snapped asunder.

The Bible does not mention her fate, [8] and, as James D. Dunn and John William Rogerson note in Eerdmans Commentary on the Biblebibliua never discusses whether Delilah felt guilt for her actions.


Josephus and Pseudo-Philo both view Delilah as a Philistine and a prostitute; Josey Bridges Snyder theorizes that this may be due to the fact that Book of Judges portrays Samson as being attracted to both Philistine women Acceess The Jewish sages said Delilah’s name implies what she did to Samson “She dwindles”.

David Kimhi notes that it is mentioned at the peak of his career; which implies that mentions of Samson afterwards marks his decline and downfall. It is possible he was not fully aware that cutting his hair would cause God to allow him to lose his strength; since it was actually the decline of his spiritual state that caused him to lose God’s favor.

Late aggadah say that Samson and Delilah had sons together who were strong like their father; Eldad ha-Dani claims that their sons resided in the land of Havilah and each had voices as “triumphal Most Christian commentary on Delilah condemns her. Saint Ambrose represents Delilah as a Philistine prostitute [6] and declares that “men should avoid marriage with those outside the faith, lest, instead of love of one’s spouse, there be treachery.


He asserts that Delilah accepted a bribe from the Philistine leaders because they convinced her that Samson would merely be weakened. Instead he exemplified the fall of the sinful man”. Meyer sees Delilah’s relationship with Samson as an example of how the devil exploits people’s weaknesses. Delilah is usually thought to have been a Philistine, [5] although she is not identified as such in the Bible.

Cheryl Exum of the Jewish Women’s Archive argues that the author of the Book of Judges would probably not portray Delilah in a negative light if she were a fellow Israelite. Kamrada write in Heroines, Heroes and Deity: Three Narratives of the Biblical Heroic Tradition that Delilah is similar to Jaela woman mentioned in the fourth and fifth chapters of the Book of Judges who murders Sisera by driving a tent peg into his head, [26] and frequently compared to the title character of the Book of Judithwho beheads Holofernes ; [26] all three women defeat powerful warriors.

Some scholarly commentary on Delilah centers on her gender. In the Feminist Companion to JudgesCarol Smith says that feminist commentators tend to stress Delilah’s positive qualities, explain her negative ones, or ignore her in favor of “other biblical women who are more amenable to reinterpretation in a positive way”. Dunn and John William Rogerson feel that the Bible portrays Delilah as “a doubly dangerous woman given her apparent independence”, noting that she is not “identified by a male relationship – the wife, daughter or sister of anyone” but simply “appears in her own right”.

Don’t we secretly rejoice at his having the good sense to follow the route of his desire, to free himself from the ‘good boy’ Nazirite onus by putting himself in temptation’s way? Haaretz ‘ s Elon Gilad writes “some biblical stories are flat-out cautions against marrying foreign women, none more than the story of Samson”, [29] noting that Samson’s relationship with Delilah leads to his demise.

A Subversive Collaborationsays that the Bible delineates between “good” foreigners like TamarPharaoh’s daughterRahaband Ruthand “bad” foreigners like Jezebel and Delilah. Delilah also appears as a character in a number of works of art. John Milton ‘s closet drama Samson Agonistesan allegory for the downfall of the Puritans and the restoration of the English monarchy[34] casts Delilah as an unrepentant, but sympathetic, deceiver [35] and speaks approvingly of the subjugation of women.


Reardon, Jennifer

DeMille and starring Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr in the titular roles, was widely praised by critics for its cinematography, lead performances, costumes, sets, and innovative special effects. When Samson prepares to collapse the pillars, Delilah does not follow Samson’s advice to get out and she dies alongside him when the temple collapses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Delilah disambiguation.

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