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Symbols, Definitions and Dimensions The meter has a polarity independent, solid state semiconductor relay that generates pulses proportionally to the measured energy.

The meter is equipped with unique instrumentation functions enabling it to read the essential electrical units. These buttons can 1300 sealed.

The VT and CT transformer ratios, can easily be set with the two programming buttons. This function enables the real energy consumtion to be displayed. These standards cover all technical aspects, climate conditions, electromagnetic compatibility EMCelectrical and mechanical requirements, and accuracy. Instrumentation There are instrumentation functions in DELTAplus meters which enable it to read essential electrical units.

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Active energy meters see fig. The input 113000 be used as a sabotage alarm or as a pulse counter, e. The output can be used as an ON and OFF function, for example to switch off the current by remote control. The status can be read both via the bus and on the Da display.


The bus system is adapted for remote reading of energy meters and works on the principle of master slave. Secondary values on the bus-output and primary values on the display. Technical Information Operating and display elements: Service pin and LED. A software clock is implemented in the Lon-interface to enable readings from the meter to be time-recorded.

The clock is based on a timer in the Neuron and is to be set following a power failure. It copes with leap years but not daylight-saving time.

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Integrated EIB communication interface Remote reading of the following meter data: Adb of the following meter functions: Meter readings in Wh varh Current capacity W var Meter status and error information. Change of charges, synchronised inquiry of meter readings and Management of error information. Logging and display of up to 24 electrical measured variables.

Dan metering is the basis for billing, this is a requirement. High voltage installations often do not have any current-carrying neutral conductor, therefore the two-watt meter measurement method can be used.

Both voltage and current transformers are commonly used. Single phase metering can be used if a three-phase load is balanced.

ABB Modbus CSO 05000 2CMA137124R1000

If the DELTAplus meter ahb directly connected to the mains, the device must be protected by fuses the possibility to isolate the meter is recommended on the incoming side. In order to allow maintenance of DELTAplus Meters with current transformers connected, a short circuiting terminal block should be installed near the meter.


The voltage supply to the meter must be protected by a max. However, consumer equipment often cause 130000 phase shift between current and voltage as a result of the inductive nature of the load, for example in motor drives.

If the consumers exceed the specified maximum, they will be liable to an extra charge and would be well advised to install compensation equipment, usually in the form of capacitor banks.

ABB DAB 13000 LCD Digital Power Meter

Thus it can be seen that the reactive component of the power also is of interest for measurement. Since in practice perfectly balanced systems are very rare, this method should not be used for accurate measurements. The three-watt meter method Resistive loads cause no phase shifts. Inductive loads cause a phase shift in one direction, while capacitive loads produce a phase shift in the opposite direction. As a result, inductive and capacitive loads can be used to compensate each other.

The phase shift of the current compared to the voltage results in the power being divided into active 130000 reactive components. This method can deal with asymetrical and symetrical loads.

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