Vélizy, January 31, – Messier-Bugatti-Dowty has delivered the first production-standard main landing gear shipset for the Airbus AM. File:AM landing gear Pjpg. From Wikimedia English: Landing gear system of the Airbus AM. Date, 20 Safran Landing Systems. Usage on . The AM is the most advanced, proven and certified airlifter available. This includes landing on frontline air bases, landing on (provisory) gras and sand.

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Strategic airlift means the transport of strategic assets like outsized and heavy vehicles or equipments. Archived from the original on 22 May It has the range, speed, operating altitude and comfort to optimally serve the medevac role.

Airbus Defence and Space.

File:AM landing gear Pjpg – Wikimedia Commons

Its high manoeuvrability, its enhanced low level flight capability, its steep descent and climb performance, as well as its short landing and take-off performance, its damage tolerant flight controls, its armoured cockpit and bullet-resistant windscreens, the use of inerting gas in the fuel tanks as well as the segregated routing of hydraulics and wiring give it excellent self-protection and survivability.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Airbus AM. EADS announced in January that development problems with the engines had resulted in a delay to the second quarter of before the first engine test flights on a C testbed aircraft. Photography taken at the Paris Air Show The AM is the only tactical tanker offering a third refuelling point for large aircraft refuelling and as an alternative to pods.

Airbus AM Atlas – Wikipedia

On 10 Septemberthe RAF was declared the AM fleet leader in terms of flying hours, with hours flown over sorties, achieved by a fleet of four aircraft. HD P x px 48MB.


The undamaged aircraft returned to Toulouse. The European Aviation Safety Agency has issued an Airworthiness Directive mandating immediate on-wing inspection, followed by replacement if evidence of damage is found, or else return-to-service gexr continuing inspections.

Airbus A400M Atlas

Retrieved 29 July Flight International, 1 August In Julythe Chilean Air Panding signed a Memorandum of understanding for three aircraft, [] but no order has been placed; Chile began talks on buying the Brazilian Embraer KC During Maythe MSN2 flight test aircraft was due to spend a week conducting unpaved runway trials on a grass strip at Cottbus-Drewitz Airport a40m Germany. Have you ever wondered how the AM is built? The Aviationist2 January Archived from the original on 10 March Retrieved 17 November And in addition it acts as a frontline-tanker for other aircraft.

Also landibg tactical delivery missions, the AM delivers heavier and larger loads that its competitors. Retrieved 17 December Tactical Airlift Mission Capability Tactical airlift describes the transport and delivery of personel and goods directly into theatres of operation.

AM 50th Delivery Infographic. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat A forward-looking infrared gea vision system EVS camera provides an enhanced terrain view in low-visibility conditions.

Archived from the original PDF on 7 June Check the page to know more! This allows loading and unloading without ground assistance at the most remote and austere strips, minimising vulnerable time on the ground. The swap could take up to seven months.

Also, as it can fly higher, it can cruise above poor weather and turbulence of found at medium altitudes, resulting in less fatigue for the crews, and passengers or troops alike. The Vital Guide to Military Aircraft2nd ed. The following 2 pages uses this file: Retrieved 29 June On 12 Januaryserial production of the AM formally commenced.


The AM is equipped with eight stretchers as standard which are permanently stored on board, but it can accommodate as many as 66 standard NATO stretchers and 25 medical personnel seated on troop seats.

Strategic Airlift Mission Capability Strategic airlift means the transport of strategic assets like outsized and heavy vehicles or equipments. On 13 MayAirbus confirmed that an unknown cracking behaviour that had already been identified during quality control checks in was found in an aluminium fuselage part of a French Gsar the issue did not affect flight safety and repairs could be incorporated into regular maintenance and upgrade schedules.

The AM can accommodate up to fully equipped paratroopers, carrying them to the drop zone at speeds up to kt, but dropping them a400n as little as kt to ensure minimum dispersion.

Retrieved 21 February The AM can assure a very rapid and direct response to any occurrence, making it the ideal tactical airlifter. Check the page here!

This licensing tag was added to this file as part of the GFDL licensing update. The cargo floor can be re-configured very quickly as rollers can be manually and easily turned upside down by a single operator in order to have either rollers down for flat floor configuration or rollers up for pallet configuration.

I have never seen such a waste of public funds in the defence field since I have been involved in it these past 40 years. Reuters, Archived 9 January at the Wayback Machine.

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