Your selection of a Honda Odyssey was a wise investment. It will give Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to it at any . Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 25 Oct, by Uscmafia. Model: Honda Odyssey. File size: MB. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Honda Odyssey automobile. Honda Honda Odyssey Owners Manuals ยท Honda .

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Page Insert both ends of the blade into the holder. Because of the Michelin PAX system, you must not change a flat tire, or use a compact spare tire on your vehicle. It can also damage the engine and drivetrain.

To store a phone number from your phone: This allows you to drive to the nearest Honda dealer or authorized Michelin PAX system dealer to have the tire s repaired. Turn the ignition switch to the LOCK 0 position. 2080

2008 Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual (524 pages)

If the indicator comes on or flashes on and off while you drive. Excessive speed, underinflation, or excessive loading, either separately or in combination, can cause heat buildup and possible tire failure.

If you change your own oil, please dispose of the used oil properly. When driving downhill with a trailer. When a compatible audio unit is connected to the jack, press the AUX button to select it. Since Honda cannot test all chains, you must be personally responsible for proper selection, installation, and use of tire chains. SEL auto select button.

  EBA 1121S PDF

Interference can be caused by any of these conditions: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If the headlights do not dim, check the condition of the fuses.

Page Because of the Michelin PAX system, you must not change a flat tire, or use a compact spare tire on your vehicle. Page Select the phonebook you wish to change the PIN number for. Contact your local Honda dealer for assistance. Release the parking brake. Using A Booster Seat e. To use the coin holder, pull the handle, then push the button. When the vehicle kdyssey swayed in a strong wind. Page DVD, the angle mark is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Reinsert the disc, and increase the parental control level see Change level to view. Page When you turn the system back on, the tape will begin playing where it left off. Keep the vehicle in Park. Honda provides a limited warranty on seat belts. You may want to fill the fuel tank with premium fuel.

Remember to have the cooling system drained and refilled with the proper mixture as soon as you can. Always take the ignition key with you whenever you leave the vehicle alone. Have your dealer check the belt as soon as possible. Page Use a small flat-tipped screwdriver to remove the cover on the back of the tailgate. Page Electrical interference from passing vehicles and stationary sources such as garages or parking structures can cause temporary reception problems.


If it is higher than the windows, it could interfere with the proper operation of the side curtain airbags. In AUTO mode, the rear passenger compartment temperature is also regulated independently.

Honda Odyssey Owners Manual | eBay

Emergency Towing Release the parking brake. As the shade automatically retracts, it could hit and hurt anyone sitting too close to the window. Vehicle with navigation system is shown. If the testing facility determines the readiness codes are still not set, see your dealer. Replace the tire if you can see fabric or cord.

In channel mode, all channels can be selected. Page Do not connect this jumper cable to any other part of the engine.

Move the vehicle to an area away from tall buildings, and with an unobstructed view of the southern horizon. Show only see all. You cannot load and play 3-inch 8-cm discs in this system. Do not cover the sensors or spill any liquid on them. Page 1 or 2 until you hear a beep. Adjustable Driver’s Foot Pedals Push and hold the bottom of the adjustment switch until pedals are in the position you can manuwl them fully and comfortably.

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