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SAMSS Home · SAMSS Descripción: 35 Author: Cherukunnon Jubu. 29 downloads Views KB Size. Report. Materials System Specification SAMSS API Line Pipe Materials and Corrosion Control Standards Committee Members Anezi. SAMSS Carbon Steel Pipes On-Plot – abr – Materials System in accordance with Saudi Aramco specification SAMSS

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A AM — 90a Re SAE J Welded a A AM — 01 Carb The Gas Station Proble Alloy steel pipes containing Cr and Mo are outside the scope of this specification. The requirements stated in this specification are supplementary to the applicable ASTM standard. High frequency welded pipes is not allowed for on-plot applications. Direct all requests to deviate from this specification in writing to the Company or Purchaser Representative, who shall follow internal company procedure SAEP and forward such requests to the Manager, Consulting Services Department of Saudi Aramco, Dhahran.

Unless stated to the contrary in the purchase order, pipes manufactured to this specification must be suitable for external coating with fusion bonded epoxy at a later date by the purchaser. Pipe surfaces shall be essentially free asmss scabs, slivers, cold laps, burrs or other surface defects that would impair the coating.

01 samss 035

Shielded Metal Arc Welding is an acceptable process for carrying out weld repairs. All welding consumables, including those 0355 for repair, must have AWS classification.

Weld repairs on seamless pipes and autogenously welded pipes are not permitted. Weld repairs on the pipe body of pipes welded with addition of filler metal are not permitted.


All weld repairs must be carried out before heat treatment and sqmss. Page 5 of 16 6. Seamless pipes shall not be delivered in the as-rolled R or Normalized rolled conditions; a separate heat treatment cycle shall be conducted using a designated heat treatment facility. Batch-type furnaces shall be equipped with recording pyrometers and automatically controlled 011 a 10? C or lesser range. In lieu of pyrometers, it is acceptable to attach thermocouples to the pipe for monitoring the temperature.

SAMSS Carbon Steel Pipes On-Plot – abr_百度文库

The sulfur content for seamless pipes shall not exceed 0. Boron shall not be intentionally added to the steel. Boron content must be reported in the mill test certificate and shall not exceed 0.

The carbon equivalent 305. For thicknesses in excess of 1. Following formulas shall apply: Testing shall be carried out on all grades for each lot. The mechanical testing lot definition as samss in applicable ASTM standard shall apply.


Location and number of indentations shall be as specified in Annex A. Acceptance criteria shall be HV maximum. Acceptance criteria for pipes ordered to ASTM A shall be 34 J minimum for the average of three specimens and 27 J minimum samxs individual values based on full size specimen.

Acceptance criteria for base metal, weld metal and Heat Affected Zone shall be 34 J minimum for the average of three specimens and 27 J minimum for individual values based on full size specimen. The above requirements pertaining to impact testing are in line with paragraph 4.

One set 3 specimens of impact testing shall be carried out for each lot. Test specimens shall be obtained so that longitudinal axis of the specimen is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the pipe while the axis of the notch shall be perpendicular to the surface. Acceptance criteria shall be 34 J minimum for the average of three specimens and 27 Samws minimum for individual values based on full size specimen.

Pipes in as rolled condition is not acceptable. Pipes can be considered as normalized if the finishing temperature is above Ac3. Supervision of Level 1 personnel and interpretation of results shall be done by Level 2 employees.

Laminar imperfections greater than 6. Acceptance criteria shall be as per Table 1 below: NDT equipment should be set up to detect both longitudinal and transverse defects.

Residual magnetism after inspection shall not exceed 30 gauss. The marking samsx ensure full traceability to melt and heat treatment lot. Welded pipes ordered for non-sour service shall be identified by painting a white longitudinal stripe, 2 inches wide aamss 18 inches long, on the inside surface of both ends. This stripe is intended to provide identification until the pipe is installed. Pipes shall be stored on wooden bearing strips.

Storage and handling practice must ensure that there are no mechanical dents on the pipe surface. The following shall be ensured for transportation of pipes by road: Wooden bearing strips shall be used. Heat treatment temperature ssoaking time and cooling media shall be reported in the mill test certificate. Certification can be based on measurements conducted by the steel mill and reported in the mill test certificates of the raw material.

Editorial revision to remove the statement “sour service” from paragraph 8. Editorial revision to clarify the requirements of approved steel sources.

Editorial revision in paragraph 7. Isolated, definitely identifiable cracks shorter than 0. Blisters and their associated cracking which at no point extend more than 1 mm from the inner and outer pipe surfaces of the test specimen.


Isolated longitudinal cracks i. If the cracks are located partly within 1. Steel that passes the HIC test, but has not been intentionally manufactured to be HIC resistant steel shall not sxmss used. One set of three specimens is required for HIC testing. Testing shall be carried out on all heats only.

Three samples shall be cut from one end, across the width of the plate. These samples shall be oriented longitudinally, i. In case the steel processing is conducted through ingot route, sampling shall samsss the ends of the two plates representing the head and the aamss of the ingot.

If several thicknesses are produced from a coil or plate of a single heat, then the thinnest shall be tested. The following shall be included in the HIC test report or Mill Test Certificate a c d Location and dimensions of coupons, and whether taken from sams or plate. Sasms CLR results of the control sample shall also be reported. For each section containing cracks only, a photograph shall be taken of the samsd cross-section.

These control samples shall have demonstrated HIC-cracking sensitivity, i. The purity of the H2S gas shall be H2S gas generated from chemical reactions, e. Should the Vendor’s HIC test results be rejected by Saudi Aramco, retesting may be referred to an independent 3rd party laboratory acceptable to Saudi Aramco for resolution. This laboratory shall use HIC test methods and control samples in accordance with this specification. This report shall include the mandatory requirements specified below: This task shall be carried out by Damss Aramco Inspection Representative, e.

Measurements shall be conducted at start of test, i. Documentation for HIC testing facility, including, but not limited to the following: Purity of the utilized salts and H2S for the test solution. Detailed procedure describing the testing, metallographic preparation and evaluation of HIC specimens. Retesting Requirements The plate or pipe that failed the test shall be rejected.

However, two additional joints of pipe or pieces of plate may be selected at random from the same lot for further testing.


If both of the retest groups pass, all pipes in the lot are acceptable except the one from which the initial test coupons were taken. If either of the retests fail, the entire lot shall be rejected.

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